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Continental 4x4 Contact

4x4 Contact

For four-wheel comfort. The wide longitudinal...
Prices from £124.74
Continental 4x4 Sport Contact

4x4 Sport Contact

For high-performance vehicles we have developed...
Prices from £153.46
Continental Contact CT22

Contact CT22

The Continental CT 22 is a tyre designed...
Prices from £76.74
Continental ContiCrossContact AT

ContiCrossContact AT

High performance for off-road driving. The...
Prices from £148.50
Continental ContiCrossContact LX

ContiCrossContact LX

For medium to heavy 4x4 vehicles. Thanks...
Prices from £145.92
Continental ContiCrossContact LX 2

ContiCrossContact LX 2

In the new ContiCrossContact LX 2, Continental...
Prices from £139.92
Continental ContiCrossContact LX Sport

ContiCrossContact LX Sport

For medium to heavy 4x4 vehicles. Thanks...
Prices from £149.22
Continental ContiCrossContact UHP

ContiCrossContact UHP

The bionic contour of the tyre narrows...
Prices from £155.10
Continental ContiVanco


Benefits of the Vanco TM: Very economical...
Prices from £118.21
Continental CST17 Space Saver / Spare Tyre

CST17 Space Saver / Spare Tyre

Space saver / spare tyre for temporary...
Prices from £75.10
Continental Eco Contact EP

Eco Contact EP

The Continental Eco Contact EP is very...
Prices from £67.86
Continental EcoContact 3

EcoContact 3

Safer braking for compact cars: The ContiEcoContactTM...
Prices from £71.94
Continental EcoContact 5

EcoContact 5

The new Performance-Eco tyre. The ContiEcoContact...
Prices from £74.94
Continental EcoContact 5 ContiSeal

EcoContact 5 ContiSeal

Developed for mid-sized and compact class...
Prices from £149.34
Continental Force Contact

Force Contact

Wide stability limit with superb handling...
Prices from £316.48
Continental PremiumContact


The ContiPremiumContact works like a cat's...
Prices from £106.80
Continental PremiumContact 2

PremiumContact 2

Shorter braking distances for luxury and...
Prices from £69.54
Continental PremiumContact 2 ContiSeal

PremiumContact 2 ContiSeal

Shorter braking distances for luxury and...
Prices from £133.69
Continental PremiumContact 2 E

PremiumContact 2 E

Dynamic design, energetic response to acceleration,...
Prices from £73.67
Continental PremiumContact 2 SSR

PremiumContact 2 SSR

The Continental ContiPremiumContact 2 SSR...
Prices from £137.94
Continental PremiumContact 5

PremiumContact 5

Puts a stop to risks. In all conditions. The...
Prices from £69.53
Continental PremiumContact 6

PremiumContact 6

Highlights: A new level of comfort...
Prices from £107.34
Continental PremiumContact SSR

PremiumContact SSR

The hugely successful Conti Premium Contact...
Prices from £116.34
Continental SportContact


For high-performance cars: Precise...
Prices from £88.50
Continental SportContact 2

SportContact 2

For ultra-powerful, high-performance cars. Highlights: Outstanding...
Prices from £88.44
Continental SportContact 3

SportContact 3

Superb braking performance for real high...
Prices from £98.22
Continental SportContact 3 SSR

SportContact 3 SSR

Tyres for driving at high speeds. Including...
Prices from £190.74
Continental SportContact 5

SportContact 5

The ContiSportContact 5 is the new tyre...
Prices from £107.34
Continental SportContact 5 ContiSeal

SportContact 5 ContiSeal

The new ContiSportContact 5 - Control never...
Prices from £121.14
Continental SportContact 5 SUV

SportContact 5 SUV

Reduced Braking Distance and Improved Cornering...
Prices from £163.80
Continental SportContact 5 SUV ContiSeal

SportContact 5 SUV ContiSeal

Excellent road grip and handling just...
Prices from £170.41
Continental SportContact 5P

SportContact 5P

The latest innovation from the Continental...
Prices from £146.34
Continental SportContact 6

SportContact 6

Designed for sports and high-performance...
Prices from £175.14
Continental Vanco 2

Vanco 2

Benefits of the Vanco TM 2: Up to...
Prices from £128.34
Continental Vanco Camper

Vanco Camper

Benefits of the VancoCamperTM: Improved...
Prices from £128.94
Continental Vanco FourSeason 2

Vanco FourSeason 2

Highlights: Designed with safety reserves...
Prices from £130.85
Continental VancoContact 100

VancoContact 100

The new Continental Summer van tyre ContiVanContact...
Prices from £89.76
Continental VancoContact 2

VancoContact 2

For family vans and small commercial vehicles. The...
Prices from £157.70
Continental VancoContact 200

VancoContact 200

The new Continental Summer van tyre ContiVanContact...
Prices from £85.14
Continental Winter Contact TS 850 P

Winter Contact TS 850 P

WinterContactTM TS 850 P - Developed for...
Prices from £203.27
Continental AllSeasonContact


Fully controlled and balanced throughout...
Continental Conti4x4WinterContact


In the winter, 4 - wheel - drive vehicles...
Continental ContiCrossContact Winter

ContiCrossContact Winter

ContiCrossContact Winter is the perfect...
Continental Conti-eContact


For hybrid vehicles in luxury and mid-sized.   Highlights: Minimal...
Continental ContiWinterContact TS 790

ContiWinterContact TS 790

Excellent handling and braking performance...
Continental PremiumContact 5 ContiSeal

PremiumContact 5 ContiSeal

Highlights: Perfect grip and optimal...
Continental TS 810 S

TS 810 S

ContiWinterContact TS 810 Sport is the...
Continental Vanco Eco

Vanco Eco

Highlights: Cost-effective due to...
Continental Vanco FourSeason

Vanco FourSeason

Highlights: High mileage all-year-round. Excellent...
Continental Vancontact Winter

Vancontact Winter

Shorter braking distances and improved...
Continental VancoWinter 2

VancoWinter 2

Feature:   Advanced sipe concept: sinus...
Continental Winter Contact TS 860

Winter Contact TS 860

With the WinterContact TS 860, leading...
Continental WinterContact TS 830

WinterContact TS 830

Improved stopping on snow   A high...
Continental WinterContact TS 830 P

WinterContact TS 830 P

Exceptional braking power on wet and icy...

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